Welcome to the second installment of “Hey, LifeHacker! More mobile OSes exist!”. (Read the first: The Best Photography Apps for Your webOS Device) Today, Lifehacker posted two articles: How to Break Down the Barrier Between Your iPhone and Computer and How to Break Down the Barrier Between Your Android and Computer. Today, I’ll do the same, but for your webOS device.

TWO WAY TOOLS: webOS to Desktop to webOS

These tools will allow you to take files off your phone and send them to or put them on your computer.

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. Dropboxify brings the Dropbox experience to your webOS device. Browse your entire Dropbox on the go. View your stored documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and photos, and listen to your music. Register for free 2GB of storage or login using your existing Dropbox account. We specialize in usable software and pay meticulous attention to detail in our products. If you find as much as pocket lint in this app, we want to hear about it! **Now save files to the internal memory of your webOS device and email files directly from your Dropbox!**

Uploading files now performed in the background. SUPERSIZE your phone so you can bring all ALL your iTunes music and playlists with you everywhere. Bring along your photos, documents and other files too, no matter how much stuff you have. Get 2GBs for FREE when you install ZumoDrive on your computer and complete the Dojo. ZumoDrive makes everything on your PC or Mac available to you on your phone after installing ZumoDrive on your computer. Then you can: * Stream your entire music library. * View all your photos even as your albums grow. * Read all your files, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Reading Material
These apps will give you things to read from the web.

Offered in English and German Relego is an Open Source Read It Later client for webOS. Relego was developed by a team of programmers from around the world in a one-day Hackathon sponsored by webOSroundup. This app is nearly ready for a move to the full App Catalog, please do any final testing now. ** In this version: Ability to mark as read/unread, option to allow viewing article to mark it as read, improved handling of lists, improved German translations and fixed cross-app launching.

Spare Time is an instapaper client. Use it to list and read all your unread, archived, and starred articles. You can also star or archive your articles. Also syncs your unread articles for offline viewing.

Notes, URLs, Phone Numbers, and Other Bits of Data
Sometimes you need to move something you created on the go to your PC. Here’s some apps that can help.

Life moves fast. Don’t forget a thing. With Notes you can seamlessly take notes and add images, video or audio clips to your notes! **** FEATURES ****: - Add Media (pictures, video, audio) to your Notes. - Categorize your Notes. - Option to add a pin code to protect your Notes. - Search for Notes. - Import/Export Notes to Google Docs (currently, only the notes are imported/exported to Google Docs, embedded pictures are excluded). **** NEW IN VERSION 1.1.6 ****: - Documents created with the new version of Google Documents can now be imported. - Fixed issue affecting the formatting of some imported notes. - Added options for tweeting notes using native twitter clients like Twee & Bad Kitty. - Added ability to delete embedded media by ‘holding’ to delete. - Added ability to open addresses in notes using Google Maps. **** AWARDS ****: - Palm webOS Hot Apps Winner. - 4 out of 5 stars from Precentral. - Top Pick on webOSroundup. - Added ability to delete embedded media by ‘holding’ to delete. - Added ability to open addresses in notes using Google Maps 

I know it hasn’t been updated, well, ever, but it does exist on webOS, as it does on iOS and Android.

I’m cheating here since right now, neato! isn’t two-way, but in a couple of weeks, it will be.

Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks
Here’s the kicker here: it’s all built in to webOS! But, if Google or Exchange aren’t your thing, here’s your options.

NOTE: Starting with version 0.4.2 we have moved application settings from cookies into a database. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you make sure your tasks are fully synced with Toodledo before installing the update. —— If you have things you need to get Done!, this is the app for you. Done! is the premier tasks app for getting things done with webOS and allows you to sync with Toodledo.com. Enter tasks on your webOS device or on the Toodledo web site. Synchronize so that your to-do list is always with you, no matter where you go. You can enter, edit, check off or delete tasks on the device when you’re away from a data connection and sync later. You can search for tasks on the device by simply typing while in the tasks list. Choose to sync manually, on app launch, on app close, or auto-sync every half hour. Done will only sync when an internet connection is available – and you can even choose to sync only by wifi! Done! allows you to filter tasks by Folder, Context, Status, Due Date or Priority, view your Toodledo hotlist on the device, and to view completed tasks on the device. Give Done! a try and learn why it’s the best tasks app for webOS! —- NEW version 0.4.0 includes the ability to define custom lists with user-defined filters and sort orders and other new features! 

News Feeds
webOS does RSS just like the big boys!

NewsRoom lets you keep up with all the latest news, right from your phone. With its dynamic interface and exclusive back end, NewsRoom is the fastest and most intuitive way to stay in touch while on the go. Instantly follow your favorite news, gadget, gossip, sports and fan sites, even when you don’t have a signal. Fully supporting any RSS feed, it is perfect for both casual and expert users, no matter what the interest. With NewsRoom, you’ll always be the first to know. New in version 1.5.0 * Local and remote backup * Backup restore * Better handling of corrupt database * Various bug fixes New in version 1.4.3 * Better offline handling * Update fix New in version 1.4.1 * Clear Unread on Orange Click menu * Update fix New in version 1.4.0 * Preferences to control unread behavior. * Swipe up to view all unread articles. * Swipe down to clear unread articles. * Articles can now be starred. * Youtube views played through Youtube App New in version 1.2.1 * Feed list screen now resizes when there are pending notifications * Only background updates occur for feeds with notifications enabled for better battery performance. * Faster content updates with new server callback. New in version 1.2.0 * Big changes under the hood for performance improvements as well has reducing the memory used by the app significantly. * As promised, the 9 feed limit is gone. You can now add up to four pages for a total of 36. * Per-feed notifications. Tap a site while holding the orange key or visit the Site Manager to enable notifications for the sites you care about the most. NewsRoom will also keep things up to date for you even when you don’t leave it open. * Article skim view now resizes when there are pending notifications. * Tap-hold on the site icons to rearrange them in the order of your liking. * Sites can now be renamed. 

Google Reader
Yep, regular ol’ Google Reader works fine on webOS. Not perfect, but useble! 

ONE WAY TOOLS: Desktop to webOS

Your Current Browser Window
Sometimes you’re browsing the web and you need to bring something with you on the road.

Just like Chrome to Phone for iPhone and Android, neato! sends links to your phone instantly, also small snippets of text, and opens Google Maps and YouTube videos in the native webOS apps, lets you download images, media, and documents or open them, install homebrew apps (with PreWare or Internalz help), install App Catalog, Web Distribution, and Beta apps, and more! 

Access Your Music, Movies, and Photos on webOS
Stream or download files from your computer to your phone!

Again, ZumoDrive lets your stream music from your PC or view images from your PC, and even read Word documents from your computer

AmpachPre (homebrew)
For years we have been tied to how much storage space a mobile device has and we’ve been willing to pay ridiculous amounts for more space. This application represents a paradigm shift in how we access our personal music collections. With this application you can access your entire music and video collection no matter how large and save all your storage space for other cool things.

Ampache Mobile is a WebOS client/player for the free Ampache Media Server. It is designed to operate like most other media players with one major difference. Everything is streaming over the network.

Ampache Mobile is now available from the Palm Web Distribution Catalog

Some other cool features include:

  • Smart Buffering: Ampache Mobile will attempt buffer tracks ahead of what you are playing to provide a seamless music experience.
  • Videos: Stream your videos to your phone.
  • Transcoding: With transcoding you can play audio formats not currently supported in WebOS such as ogg and flac. Also you can down sample high bitrate files and save precious bandwidth.
  • Last.fm Scrobbling: Scrobble your playbacks through your Ampache Server.
  • Cover Art: If your Ampache Server has cover art this app will use it.
  • Share Servers: Ampache Mobile supports multiple servers. Trade with friends and have access to their entire music collection as well.
  • Security: Ampache has strict security rules to stop people you don’t want accessing your collection from doing so.
  • Ampache: Ampache is designed to give you a one stop website for your music collection. Once you get Ampache working not only can you access your collection from your phone you can access it anywhere with a standard web browser.

ONE WAY TOOLS: webOS to Desktop
Here’s  how you can go from your Phone to Desktop

VNC Client PDK
VNC Client PDK lets you remotely control your computer! It uses the commonly used VNC protocol (Virtual Network Computing) which is available on almost any operating system on the planet. Just enable or install a VNC server on the computer you plan to remote control (e.g. OSXvnc, UltraVNC, RealVNC, TightVNC, VMware). Start up VNC Client, enter the computer’s IP address and VNC password, click “connect” and you should see that computer’s screen on your webOS device! Use one finger to click and drag the remote computer’s mouse. Use two fingers to scroll the view port. This is an early release. The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for damange resulting from downloading, installing or using the software. VNC Client PDK is based on the SDL_vnc (LGPL) library

I swear this wasn’t a clever ruse to get you to by neato!. But hey, it works for a lot of things.

So there you have it: a bunch of ways to make your Desktop and webOS device live in harmony. You don’t need a robot or a fruit to be productive or streamline your life. 

Lifehacker: are you listening? webOS has apps too! “Not enough users to spend time writing articles!” you say? Ever think there aren’t enough users because people don’t write about it enough?

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