I like beer. I’ve got beer I love and beer I hate. Breweries that always delight me, and ones that always disappoint. I also love trying new beers and seeing what beer other people are drinking. And that’s where Untappd comes in. Untappd is the foursquare of beer — search for a beer, “check-in” to it to let your friends know what you’re having. After each check-in, Untappd recommends three other beers for you to try based on what you selected, what you’ve had before, and what your friends have had.

You can also rate beers, comment on them, and say where you’re drinking it (which will check you in to foursquare at the same time!). You earn badges for drinking at different places and drinking different beers, or drinking on certain days. Just like foursquare, only, with beer. 

So, if you’re a beer drinker, Untappd is essential. I’ve accepted friend requests from people I’ve never met just to see what beers they drink. I’ve been on the lookout for new brews ever since. 

Untappd launched as a web app — this allowed them to launch on all major smartphones (including webOS) quickly and cheaply, essential for a bootstrapped startup like themselves. They’ve recently launched an API to allow others to build off of their data, which is pretty awesome since I think they’re only 2 guys. I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Avola (one of the founders of Untappd) at the Palm Developer Day in NYC last year and we talked webOS and Untappd (and he was one of the first people to see incredible! in action, too). These are good guys, so, give Untappd a try!

Anyway, their API is pretty new, but already powerful. Remember that feature I said that let you say where you were drinking your beer? Well, it requires a mobile browser that supports geolocation, which, sadly, the webOS 1.4.5 web browser does not. This means the majority of webOS Untappd users can’t add their location to Untappd check-ins.

So, I took it upon myself to build one of the first native Untappd apps, and do it for webOS. This will allow fast loading (no waiting for the web) AND it’ll allow geolocation for venue adding. Plus, with foursquare opening up their venues API, things are easier than ever. 

The app? growlr. (As in "growler", a type of beer bottle)

There’s your login screen. (minor spacing adjustments have already been made) 

So, what will growlr do? My plan for initial launch is for you to be able to search for a beer, view the beer and check-in to the beer (and attach your location). Future versions will add user profiles, your friends’ activity feeds, commenting, and more. But for now, I want to get the check-in function out because that’s the most important thing that I’m trying to improve upon (geolocation, anyway).

My aim is to launch by this weekend, so if you’re doing your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this weekend instead of Thursday, you should be good to go!

BTW, speaking of this weekend and St. Patrick’s, check this out and maybe donate a few dollars!

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