As I mentioned last week, I’m working on a quick app for Untappd, called growlr. I didn’t quite make my goal of a weekend launch, but I did submit it to Palm last night, so it should be available today. 

First, you’ll need an Untappd account, which you can get from inside the app, or by visiting the Untappd website. On their website, you can login and link your Facebook, Twitter, and foursquare accounts to your Untappd account. This will allow you to share your beer checkins on Twitter and Facebook, as well as check-in to foursquare simultaneously.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to search for a beer, or choose one you’ve recently checked-in to, or one that’s currently trending.

Once you’ve found the beer for which you’re looking, go ahead and tap it (ha!) to view some detailed info about the beer, such as the style of beer, the ABV (if available), how many times you’ve had it, and how popular the beer is.

From here you can check-in to the beer by tapping the button, which will bring you to this scene:

If you’re a foursquare user, this step will be very familiar to you. Simply enter in a comment about the beer, if you wish, then select where you’d like to share your check-in: Facebook or Twitter. You can optionally attach a venue to your Untappd check-in by tapping the “Add Your Location?” button. You don’t even have to be a foursquare user for this. If you aren’t a foursquare user, Untappd just associates the venue with your beer check-in, and this allows you to earn location-specific Untappd badges. If you are a foursquare user, you can toggle the Share with foursquare button to have Untappd check you in on foursquare as well. (You only need to share with foursquare on your first check-in to a location).

Once you’re all checked-in, Untappd will show you some info about your check-in, alert you to any Untappd badges you earned, and list 5 recommended beers to you. And, if you checked-in on foursquare, it’ll show you who the mayor of the venue is, if you stole the mayorship, how many days from the mayorship you are, how many points you’ve earned, and any foursquare badges you’ve earned.

This is only the beginning. Growlr will be a full Untappd client in the end, but for now, it’s focused on the check-in. I’ll add profile views, a feed of your friends’ check-ins, check-in comments, and everything else. I’ll keep you updated!

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